Become an excellent Digital Marketing professional

Become an excellent Digital Marketing professional. Digital marketing is the marketing aspect that deals with pushing products on the internet. It is also known as online marketing. However, digital marketing still does extend to those channels and mediums that are tech-based but still not internet-based.
Become an excellent Digital Marketing professional
Digital marketing team

Working in the field of Digital Marketing is a fantastic experience. It takes a lot of effort and some time to become an excellent digital marketing professional, but it’s one of the top positions in the online marketing sector. It takes to know a lot of topics before you become an excellent Digital Marketing professional but first, what is digital marketing?

Wikipedia defines It as the component of Marketing that uses the Internet and online-based digital technologies such as Computers, Mobile phones other media, and platforms to promote products and services. However, digital marketing still does extend to those channels and mediums that are tech-based but still not internet-based. This would include all channels like messages, television, call, on-hold mobile ring tones, and sometimes radio.

What Skills a Digital Marketing professional should have

If you are perplexed about what Digital marketing includes, we have listed a list of major Skills which are part of Digital marketing. Digital by nature is technical however there are huge creative aspects too. A digital marketing professional should build a range of skills to succeed in his job.
1. SEO & Link Building
2. Social media marketing (Organic and paid)
3. Product positioning & Messaging
4. Copywriting
5. Content strategy & marketing
6. Digital Psychology and persuasion
7. Demand Generation & Customer Acquisition
8. Neuromarketing
9. Community building and leveraging
10. Customer retention
11. Online Ads (YouTube, Google, Facebook etc )

12. UI and UX
13. Email marketing
14. A/B Testing
15. Landing page optimizations
16. Technical Content marketing
17. Personalization
18. Growth marketing
19. Marketing Tech stack
20. AI automation & Apps integrations
21. SEO & Technical SEO
22. CRO – conversion rate optimization
23. Digital Analytics
24. Transactional Data analytics
25. Data presentation and visualization

The strength of Digital marketing is now increasingly dependent upon the tech stack you use and how good your tech team is. Someone working as a digital marketing professional should have a range of skills and knowledge in a variety of fields, that are mentioned above, instead of just specializing in specific fields like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or PPC (Pay per Click Marketing). So, what does a digital marketing specialist do on a regular day?

The job responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Professional may include-

1. Creating, executing, and tracking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaigns

2. Working on the analysis and optimization of these PPC (Pay-per-Click Marketing) campaigns

3. Overlooking content marketing campaigns

4. Efficiently utilizing all social media platforms as marketing channels to increase traffic, popularity, and sales.

5. Supervising the team of digital marketers working under them (when in senior or management positions)

6. Organizing and synchronizing all sales campaign initiatives on a digital level

7. Set objectives and track the results of all digital marketing platforms

To become a digital marketing specialist, there are often a similar set of steps that people follow, these steps are as follows-

Learning all the essentials of digital marketing- As in any field, it is obviously of prime importance to learn all the basics of your field. Considering that it is a vast field, the basics span many subjects and methods. Some important marketing channels to study at least the basics of when learning the essentials of digital marketing are-

● Website marketing

● SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing and PPC (Pay per Click) Marketing

● Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing refers to performance-based marketing wherein a company pays affiliates for every visitor or customer they bring in through their own marketing efforts.

● Content Marketing

● Marketing on social media (How to use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to your advantage)

A digital marketing specialist must know how the faculties work, and how to use them to their full potential in order to market and push their product.

Working in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- Considering that someone working as a digital marketing specialist will often have to deal with Search Engine Optimisation and people working specifically in that field, it helps to have prior experience in the field as well. So, the next step after gaining the basic knowledge of SEO is to get to know EVERYTHING about the field. Working on one’s awareness in the ambit of Search Engine Optimization also helps one gain knowledge within the scope of other online marketing-related fields.

Working in the field of PPC (Pay per click) Marketing- As someone specializing in digital marketing, you should know fields of digital marketing outside of Search Engine Optimisation too. One must know how to study the results in their study of Pay per click marketing campaigns, as Pay per click campaigns are very commonly used in digital marketing, especially if one aims to work in bigger companies/ on bigger projects.

Working in the field of Social Media Marketing- Just as in the cases of Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click Marketing, it is important that one has a working knowledge of marketing on social media. This includes but is not limited to sponsored ads, sponsored content posted by influencers, and affiliate marketing (often carried out by popular influencers and microcelebrities too).

Executing content marketing campaigns- This is to get some initial experience. To specialize in something, one must have done said thing in the first place, obviously. As someone who is executing content marketing campaigns, you must make sure that the campaign you are working on is efficient in generating numbers, interesting and customized to suit all the different platforms you will probably be releasing your content on.

Working on your team playing and team management skills- Working in a team is important in every field. Hence, it is also important to be able to work in a team. Not just that, digital marketing professionals who work in higher positions often have to lead and supervise teams as well. So, it becomes all the more important for aspiring professionals who wish and aim to work at higher positions in the field.

Learning how to work with tools that report, calculate and analyze data for you- There are many software and websites that calculate, report, and collect data regarding your marketing campaigns for you. They also analyze these reports to make your job easier and faster. Hence, it is an important and handy skill to possess to be able to efficiently work with tools that do so. Some of these tools include- Google Analytics, HubSpot, Facebook Ads Reporting, etc.

Getting an actual certification in digital marketing- Obviously, in any industry, it is important to seek actual certification in the field. So goes for the field of Digital Marketing. So, one must get a certification in digital marketing from a legitimate certifying board, you can check SkillCamper Certifications, to begin with at https://www.skillcamper.com/digitalmarketing/ or Check short courses at https://www.skillcamper.com/courses/seo-advanced/

Once a person is established in the field of digital marketing, ergo, has fulfilled the above criteria, one must also make sure to keep up with the trends that come up in the industry and stay on their toes, in order to come up with relevant strategies and be able to maintain a dynamic body of work, thus ensuring success as a digital marketing professional.

You may love to read more about various profiles within Digital marketing. Begin with this one https://www.skillcamper.com/how-to-become-a-performance-marketing-manager.html/

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