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Digital Marketing

What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content material is content material that looks at the Internet in multiple places.

Digital Marketing

What is a Doorway page?

Doorway pages (bridge pages, portal pages, soar pages, gateway pages or access pages) are net pages which might be created for the planned manipulation of search engine indexes (spamdexing).

Digital Marketing

What is bounce rate or exit rate?

For any web page exit rate is the percentage which was monitored last in the session. For any web page bounce rate is the percentage which was monitored at the start of only one session.

Digital Marketing

What is Bounce Price?

Bounce price is an Internet advertising time period utilized in internet visitors analysis. It represents the proportion of site visitors who input the web page after which leave (“leap”) in place of persevering with to view different pages in the equal web page.

Digital Marketing

What is Canonical URL?

A canonical URL is the URL of the excellent consultant web page from a set of replica pages, in

Digital Marketing

What is Web Log (Blog)

A canonical URL is the URL of the excellent consultant web page from a set of replica pages, in line with Google.

Digital Marketing

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine rating of website developed by MOZ that predicts how probable an internet site is to rank on search pages.

Digital Marketing

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a fashion sheet language used for describing the presentation of a report written in a markup language which include HTML.

Digital Marketing

What is Dwell Time in SEO

Dwell time is the length of time one spends looking at a page after they’ve clicked a link on a search page and then coming back to search page.

Digital Marketing

What is Deep Linking?

Deep Linking is a link that takes you directly to the page without any uncertainty or delays instead of an app or store.

Digital Marketing

What is CTA?

The term CTA defines immediate action or sale for any design or product of a company, that is why It is called Call to action.

Digital Marketing

What do you mean by cross linking?

Cross linking in search engine optimization is the method of linking web sites together. The cause of move linking is to boom the quantity of inbound.