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Digital Marketing

What Makes Videos Attractive To Your Viewers?

How often do you get ads on YouTube while watching your favourite videos? Do you often look at Instagram reels or the latest TikTok trends for different brands?

Digital Marketing

How to become a marketing technologist?

Marketing is a fast paced, dynamic and innovative field to work in. So is the field of technology. So, when you put them together, making space for marketing technologists, it makes for a difficult and fast, yet good career.

Digital Marketing

How To Solve All Your Problems (Fast)?

While problem solving seems like a skill that you will only use when it is brought up in a professional setting or institutional workshops on the same, it is actually a really important ability to possess.

Digital Marketing

3 Easy Steps to Start Planning Your SEO Content Strategy

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a buzzword in the digital marketing domain. An SEO strategy improves the chances of a website appearing in search engine results, thus increasing the number of visitors on the website.

Digital Marketing

Going Viral: Is It Just Luck or Can You Hack the System?

If you recognised these rows of green, grey, and yellow squares, you were likely on your phone a lot in the first half of 2022. This image is from Wordle, a word game that went viral worldwide sometime around January 2022.

Digital Marketing

How Stand Up Comedy Can Help You Nail Content Creation !!

Stand up comedians make the audience laugh. Yet, their appeal is more than that. They address the audience and show that they understand them. Their material is relatable. Not to mention, their humour seems so effortless. Moreover, they build a connection that makes you keep coming back for more.

Digital Marketing

Top 10 Indian Entrepreneurs You Must Follow

The world is acknowledging the caliber of India in the business world now. India has given some of the best entrepreneurs globally, so why should we not learn from the best. So here are the top 10 Indian entrepreneurs who are real inspirations.

Digital Marketing

Top 5 Blogging Stats To Boost Readership

Are you a content writer? Does your business have a blog? While quality brings readers to your doorstep, there are multiple factors to ensure they stay. Here are the top 5 blogging statistics you can use to grow your readership

Digital Marketing

Should Brands Share Their Strong Opinions?

Should businesses take a political or social stand? Would you support a brand that shared strong opinions on different real issues? Or should brands stick to what they know – their products and services? These are essential questions in the age of social media marketing. This article outlines when brands should opt for sharing their opinions and what precautions they should take.