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What is an Internet Minute In The Digital World
Digital Marketing

What is an Internet Minute In The Digital World?

Do you know the saying, “every minute counts?” Well, when it comes to the internet, it couldn’t be more true! This article outlines the concept of an internet minute and what it means for the digital marketing world.

Digital Marketing

Why Should I Care About Marketing Jargon?

All these technical words can startle anyone new to the field. However, if you don’t understand this marketing terminology, there is no need to worry.

Digital Marketing

How To Conduct Keyword Research For SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the buzzword of digital marketing. One of the key components of SEO is the use of keywords to optimize your content and ensure that you reach the viewers.

Digital Marketing

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Content Writing Skills

Good content is gold. Content writing is not simply putting words onto a website or a blog. Creating stellar content involves careful deliberation, inspiration, and caring for the reader.

Digital Marketing

6 Types of Instagram Posts You Need To Create

How many people do you think use Instagram worldwide? Can you make a guess? As of 2022, Instagram has 1.393 billion monthly active users on the platform. Isn’t that unbelievable?

Digital Marketing

What is the Information Bias?

The information bias is a cognitive bias. People tend to overvalue information, even if it is skewed or unduly focused on specific elements.

Digital Marketing

What is the Suggestibility Effect?

According to the suggestibility effect, we are likely to fill in gaps in our memory or decisions based on suggestions from the external world.