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Digital Marketing

5 Useful Email Marketing Stats For You

Email marketing has its pros and cons. While 40% of customers admit to having unopened emails in their inboxes, small businesses and B2B companies have a lot to benefit from email marketing.

Digital Marketing

Top 5 Twitter Stats To Ensure The Best Customer Experience

Simply being present on social media channels is not enough. Users often unfollow a business that provides poor online customer support. How can you give the best experience to your customers on Twitter? Here are some stats that will help you out

Digital Marketing

3 Wacky Marketing Ideas To Inspire You

Weird is cool. Yes, you heard us. Sometimes being weird and wacky is a good thing because it makes a statement and helps you stand out. It is easy to get caught in a whirlwind of content in today’s world. Being bold and thinking out of the box when you put your content out there is just what you need to craft a successful marketing campaign for your brand.

Content Writing

How you can write innovative blogs for your Business

Here are some questions that a business should ask before writing a blog: What does the customer want to read? What is it that the customer would find interesting or valuable? How can I help the customer? Good blog posts are helpful for the customers and give them advice that they cannot find elsewhere.

Digital Marketing

Top 10 digital marketing experts you must follow

Social media is full of influencers these days, making it difficult to decide which one is the right one to follow. So that you can learn from the best, here are the top 10 digital marketing experts to follow.

Digital Marketing

Top 10 Digital Marketing tools you should learn

A digital marketer always has a lot on its plate because of the increasing internet craze. That is why you need to have tools at your disposal that could help you rank higher on search engines apart from human resources.

Digital Marketing

5 Fun Factors For Improved Brand Recognition

Have you ever asked for Sellotape when you wanted adhesive tape? Or asked for a Kleenex instead of a tissue? Brand recognition is powerful and desirable. Let’s look at 5 considerations in creating brand awareness.

omni channel marketing
Digital Marketing

How to Boost Your Brand With Omni-channel Content Strategy?

What do Starbucks, Disney, and Sephora all have in common? They are all popular global brands! However, the comparison extends beyond that. These companies are masters of omni-channel content marketing. Let us understand what that means and why it is relevant.