How to become a marketing technologist?

Marketing is a fast paced, dynamic and innovative field to work in. So is the field of technology. So, when you put them together, making space for marketing technologists, it makes for a difficult and fast, yet good career.

Marketing is a fast paced, dynamic and innovative field to work in. So is the field of technology. So, when you put them together, making space for marketing technologists, it makes for a difficult and fast, yet good career. From Bluetooth speakers and other devices like Alexa around your home to apps that help keep you organised; technology is present in every aspect of your life. Using technology has now become an important part of life. Technology has the potential to improve people’s lives- social lives, familial lives, even work lives.

Every standard tech job, be it software development, cyber security or even data analysis, is present all around and knows to most everyone. However, a tech job that many people are often unfamiliar with is that of a marketing technologist. A marketing technologist seems like a tech job to folks who aren’t interested in just computer jobs. It does, however, place a strong emphasis on the fields of business and marketing. Considering that this job title is fairly new to the technological scene, it is understandable that many individuals are not familiar with the intricacies of this position.

So, what does a marketing technologist do? The job of a marketing technologist is placed at the crossroads of the fields of marketing and technology. A marketing technologist is thus someone who combines the knowledge of Information Technology and expertise in marketing to improve the process of making sure that marketing tactics are aligned with a company’s overall aim. As we have progressed farther into the digital age, the reliance of the field of the marketing profession technology has increased. Because marketing and data are so closely linked in this growing digital age, it seems quite sensible to create position for someone who does not just understand marketing but also how has a clear understanding of how technology works.

People working as marketing technologists are those individuals who understand how to connect the dots. People in this specialised profession have the ability to connect two previously unrelated industries—a growing set of abilities that is needed today, more than ever before.

Professionals working in the field of marketing technology frequently deal with both technology and statistics and analytics directly while guiding their actions with a marketing plan, looking at it in a broader perspective. People working in the field of marketing technology also fulfil these following responsibilities-

1. Working on advertising on digital platforms

2. Working with tools for marketing automation

3. Focusing on systems relating to content management

4. Working on data analytics and management of information databases, etc.

How do people aspiring to become marketing technologists start out in that field? Someone who wishes to work in the field of marketing technology, one must fulfill at least the following criterion-

1. Get some sort of certification- To begin, one needs have some type of qualification, and it is preferable to get a degree or at least a diploma, as in any other field. People generally choose to complete their studies and obtain degrees in the disciplines of technology and media (including some education in advertising) or other relevant fields.

2. Be willing to start at not the top- Considering that this job works in a sort of a hierarchy, you will not be able to immediately start at the top. Hence, if you are looking to eventually work in the position of a creative director, you should be okay with starting out small and working your way up the ranks.

3. Risk taking- More often than not, you will not have all of the information that you will require in order to make a decision. You can put together strong use cases and collect a tonne of internal user feedback, but you will never know how things will turn out. Take the risk if you’re working in the best interests of the experience that you provide to customers and have enough data to suggest that a positive outcome is feasible.

4. You must be able to present a compelling argument in order to obtain funding for your project. You should be able to make a pitch and refine it till you obtain what you need. It’s also important to remember that when people invest, they expect to see results. Send a report to the individuals involved in your new program purchase. Gather fragments of impact, feedback from customers, and any direct outcomes. Then you’ll be able to tell a compelling story to your entire company.

This means that you need to have strong-

A. Networking skills- The process of making contact and exchanging and receiving information with other individuals, groups, and institutions and organisation in order to develop mutually advantageous relationships is referred to as networking.

B. Communication skills- You can comprehend others well and be understood by them if you have good communication abilities. Effectively communicating ideas to others, carefully listening in conversations, providing and receiving critical feedback, and public speaking are just a few examples. This is an important skill in this field.

5. Creativity, innovation and big picture thinking- To address difficulties, one must be able to think outside the box and bring a different perspective to the table. To be successful as a marketing technology expert, one must be able to see the larger picture. Marketing technologists make long-term plans. They know exactly what they want to accomplish and how to get there. They’re always up to date on market movements and industry developments, and they maintain track of them. They may keep their team on track, achieve deadlines, and monitor how all aspects of the development process interact to produce a unique design that is included into the final product.

Once you work on these skills, you should also work on other soft skills like leadership abilities, empathy, etc. These skills will help you do well for yourself and lead to you great places in the future.

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