How to become an excellent Performance Marketing Manager

A performance marketing manager is in charge of running online marketing campaigns for a company or advertising agency and they usually measure all their achieved results such as clicks or conversions, visits or engagements, minutely for every dollar spent.

Performance marketing refers to a type of digital marketing wherein payment is done when a specific objective is achieved. A performance marketing manager is in charge of running online marketing campaigns for a company or advertising agency and they usually measure all their achieved results such as clicks or conversions, visits or engagements, minutely for every dollar spent.

This paper will focus on becoming an excellent performance marketing manager.

The field of digital marketing is not like any other field, even within marketing. Its sub-domains are brimming with job openings for data-driven persons as well as creative artists. It’s one of those fields wherein the fields of science and design are inextricably linked. However, not all digital marketing positions are created equal, with job profiles approaching saturation. When that moment arrives, the most suitable and highly desirable managerial role will be that of a digital marketing manager. This ROI (Return on Investment)-focused profile necessitates a high level of competence, comprehension, and interpersonal skills from experts.

What does the job profile of a Performance Marketing manager consist of?

The job profile of somebody working in the position of a digital marketing manager involves the following competency categories. So, here is a list of jobs that you will be required to do as a digital marketing manager:

1. Creation, execution, and monitoring of SEO (Search engine optimization) programs.

2. In situations where it is required, organization of, sponsored search engine marketing initiatives.

3. Analysing performance and making recommendations for improvement.

4. Promotion, presentation, and marketing of products on key social media sites.

5. Evaluating and summarizing marketing campaigns with direct and indirect business impact.

In most cases, there is also a requirement of individuals working in this profession to have at least some knowledge in all of the aforementioned and emerging areas, if not major expertise. Mostly, actionable knowledge is sufficient.

What you should work on as a Performance marketing manager

1. Become familiar with the marketing environment- Your team will probably be made up of a variety of marketers with varied specialties, rather than simply one digital marketing executive. The team’s strength will vary depending on the type of the firm, but it will be tough to advise the members of your team until you have a good understanding of how things function in every sector. Work on a long-term strategy, and start by working on the following points.

A. Search Engine Marketing (specifically Search Engine Optimisation)

B. Creation and Distribution of content relating to the product that needs to be marketed

C. Using Social Media tools to market your product

D. Creation and execution of email-based marketing campaigns

E. Affiliate marketing

2. Work on your knowledge of PPC (Pay per click) marketing- With more firms joining the internet realm, SEO is becoming more difficult to master, especially given the limited amount of ranking space available on the Search Engine Results Page. Google wants that only that information is seen, which is most relevant. Facebook has made it difficult to promote digestible content organically. To gain momentum, you’ll need to include paid promos in your marketing strategy. Understanding how to handle such ads from previous experience would be beneficial. In simpler terms, you will need to know how to operate the following types of advertising-

A. Remarketing campaigns- Remarketing is a feature that allows you to personalize your display ad campaign for people who have already visited your site and target your adverts to these visitors as they browse the web and utilize apps (using dynamic remarketing). In your Display Network campaigns, make use of this feature.

B. Product listing ads- Product Listing Ads are advertisements that provide users with more detailed information than typical text-based ads. This makes people more likely to visit your website. Your product data feed provides the information for the adverts. They’re also known as shopping advertising and can show on a variety of Google properties.

C. Display ads- Digital display advertising refers to the graphic advertising on websites, apps, and social media platforms that uses text, images, video, and audio in the form of banners or other ad formats. The primary goal of display advertising is to provide site visitors with general adverts and brand messages. You can begin with Google ads before exploring other platforms

D. Dynamic search ads- Dynamic Search Ads headlines refer to ads that are executed periodically and focus on relevant searches based on the user’s query and the content most appropriate to the domain or website.

3. Work on your Social Media Marketing skills- Social media marketing refers to the harnessing of social media platforms to push and market the product or service that you are selling. This includes-

A. Paid ads on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

B. Collaborations (barters in the form of gifts and PR packages, ads, sponsored content) with microcelebrities and influencers on the aforementioned apps

C. Affiliate marketing

4. Working on your team playing and team management skills- In any sector, working in a team is essential. As a result, being able to operate as part of a team is essential. Considering that this is a position in management and administration, professionals in this position are frequently required to lead and supervise teams.

Once you work on all these aspects, it is also important that you learn to work on your interpersonal skills. Your soft skills will help you work on your networking and communication and make not just the quality of your work, but also your image, better. Additionally, you must also figure a way out to keep up with the trends in marketing.

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