How To build a Twitter Strategy For Your Brand 

It is increasingly helpful for your brand to have a Twitter account and marketing strategy.

Why should your brand have a Twitter page?

Twitter is a leading social media platform used by many brands to connect with their audiences and boost customer engagement. Marketing on Twitter is no piece of cake. You need to have a Twitter Strategy. It takes commitment and an understanding of Twitter and analytics. It is a fast-paced world, and the trending topics keep changing within days and minutes. But is it worth the effort? Absolutely. 

As a content creator and digital marketer, you should know that 77% of Twitter users say their impression of a brand becomes favorable when they reply to their tweets. Many users address concerns and queries to the business’s Twitter accounts. Many also prefer to check out a brand’s Twitter presence before purchasing. It is increasingly helpful for your brand to have a Twitter account and marketing strategy in this scenario. This article outlines how to go about optimizing your Twitter strategy & content. So, let’s get started.

How can you get more impressions on Twitter? 

First, make sure that your Twitter page is set up and that you have started tweeting out to your followers. The good thing about Twitter is that the content moves fast, and you have plenty of room to try and experiment with different styles of posts till you find the one that suits you best. Here are some ways to get more followers and impressions on Twitter.

1. Build your brand voice.

Do you want to sound conversational or controversial? We’re kidding – please avoid controversy! But if you’re on Twitter, you should build an identity and style of writing for your followers. Be witty or informative; try and use the same language as your target audience – whether it is the millennials or the Gen Z youngsters. Keep it casual or professional, whichever matches your brand identity. Building that brand voice is the first step to creating a noticeable Twitter presence and it should be one of the pillars of your Twitter strategy.

2. Engage with the audience. 

Twitter is all about communication, a back-and-forth rather than a “Me! Me! Me!” Don’t use this social media platform only for promotions. As a digital marketer, use your Twitter page to engage with the audience, ask and answer questions, and find out what gets your customers excited! As a content creator, there is no better way to engage with your audiences than the snappy tweets and comebacks that you can post. You can engage in both socially essential conversations as well as casual banter, share updates and send good wishes directly to your customer’s homes! 

3. Solve queries and address issues. 

Many users take to Twitter to express their concerns and share issues faced with products and services. Did you know that users often don’t even tag businesses when sharing their problems? An excellent way to show your customers that you’re there and you’re listening is to actively scout for such concerns and address them. You may send a direct message to the user or tweet out to them but show that their experience matters. If users see your Twitter page as a channel to address and resolve issues, you will likely earn a loyal following faster than any social media campaign! Reliability is key to establishing long-lasting relationships. 

Social media doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Don’t forget the outside world when you’re on your Twitter page. Think of the upcoming events, such as the Earth Day or Mother’s Day celebrations or the next championship match, and plan your content accordingly! 

5. Consistency is key. 

With Twitter, as with any other digital marketing platform, consistency matters a lot. It is not enough to post a Tweet per day, however. For a brand, the optimal number of times that you should post per day is 3 times. If you want to reach out to a global audience, ideally, it is helpful to keep posting throughout the 24-hour day to reach viewers from different time zones. Your engagement and impressions should help you identify the best time to post. 

6. Use Twitter Analytics to optimize your Twitter account. 

What is Twitter Analytics? Twitter allows you to track analytics and check the performance of your tweets, photos, videos, retweets, followers gained, and more. This feature is available for both personal and business accounts but especially handy if you are a marketing or content expert. You can understand which type of content performs the best and visualize the impact of your tweets using this feature. Here are some of the critical insights you can draw from Twitter Analytics: 

● Analyze your top tweets for the month. 

● Check out your follower insights and demographics. 

● Assess your tweet impressions. 

● Assess the activity on your video content. 

● Sign up for Twitter ads and launch your next campaign!

Keep learning! 

According to a survey, 4 out of 10 people buy a product based on a Twitter campaign. If this isn’t a reason to launch yours, we don’t know what would motivate you. Keep following the trends, follow other companies to get inspired, see what’s new on your Twitter feed, and remember – participate in conversations! Happy Tweeting!

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