How To Write Compelling Emails For Lead Generation

Write Compelling Emails For Lead Generation. 53% of marketers say email is the most effective early-stage lead generation channel. In fact, you are 6 times more likely to get a click from a marketing email than a tweet

53% of marketers say email is the most effective early-stage lead generation channel. In fact, you are 6 times more likely to get a click from a marketing email than a tweet. That is why brands should focus on crafting stellar emails to motivate potential customers to check out the brand’s website and products or services. Writing Compelling and effective Emails For Lead Generation is not an art anymore, It is a set of rules with the right tools and you will be able to get the most open rates, clicks, customer engagement, and responses.

Write Compelling Emails For Lead Generation

How Do You Write Compelling Emails For Effective Lead Generation for a B2B Business?

1. Clear and impactful subject line.

The subject line is the first thing a potential lead sees in the inbox. Make sure that the subject of the marketing email is clear and domain-specific. Avoid using click-baiting subject lines that are designed to trick the audience. The subject line can make or break your email marketing campaign. 

2. Use the second-person perspective. 

Address your reader up-front. Write emails using ‘you,’ that is, the second-person perspective, as if you are having a conversation with your reader. This adds a layer of personalization to the email that is otherwise missing in email marketing. 

3. Focus on the customer’s needs, not wants.

Make sure that your writing shows that the customer needs your product. Identify and target their needs rather than their wants. This creates a sense of urgency in the minds of the buyer. They are compelled to make a purchase. Focus on identifying such needs and crafting a compelling sales pitch. 

4. Use the scarcity principle. 

The scarcity effect is a cognitive bias that people have in their minds that motivates them to buy things that are available in limited quantities. It may be a fear of missing out on a good deal or the idea that something rare is automatically more valuable. Use this bias to your advantage and offer limited discounts and deadlines. 

5. Keep it to the point. 

In email marketing, especially for B2B lead generation, you do not want to take up too much of your reader’s time. Be specific and write separate emails for each target. For instance, if you want more subscribers to your newsletter and are launching a new product, write a separate email for each. Do not write wordy essays in the marketing email. 

6. Add a CTA and proper linking. 

Ensure your marketing email gets your readers where you want them to go. Use a powerful CTA or call to action suggesting the next steps that the potential buyer must take. For example, ‘Go to checkout,’ ‘Click here,’ or ‘Subscribe now.’ Link to an attractive landing page on your website or the specific pages for these actions to ensure a smooth customer experience. 

Why is Email Marketing Useful for B2B Lead Generation? 

Here are some advantages of using email marketing campaigns to generate leads and get more businesses and companies to buy your products and services: 

● You can run a cost-effective email campaign. 

● You can track visitors and conversions. 

● You have scope for automation in email marketing. 

● You can cater to different audience segments. 

● You can engage with the potential buyer. 

● You can put your product right at their fingertips. 

How Should You Structure Your Language For Email Content? 

When it comes to email marketing, brevity is critical. Focus on sending a clear message and apply all of these language checks to your content: 

● Are the paragraphs under 4-5 sentences long?

● Are the headings written in the title case?

● Is there appropriate use of capitals and punctuation?

● Is the tone uniform, whether formal or informal? 

● Is the copy proofread for grammar and spelling?

● Do the words match either US or UK spelling rules? 

● Are the font and background legible and accessible? 

● Do all images have caption and ALT text available? 

If your language is all in place, you are good to go. It is a good idea to get your email marketing content drafted from in-house content writers or outsource it to an agency or freelancers. Remember, first impressions matter. Don’t let your excellent marketing and lead generation ideas get lost in translation.


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