Is digital marketing a good career option in India?

Before choosing digital marketing as a career, aspirants often find the answers to the following questions:

  • Is digital marketing a good career option in India?
  • In India, what is the scope of digital marketing?
  • Can I make a good and profitable career out of digital marketing?

So, now, without further ado, let’s clear all your doubts and make your mind absolutely clear.

India has, no doubt, welcomed the career of digital marketing with broad, open hands. A recent study found that 60% of people who are employed or job-hunting understand how quickly things need to move, and have started practicing that. This understanding and practice is critical for business success.

And this collaboration of the human mind and digital career has given birth to many digital-oriented jobs like social media managers, SEO specialists, influence marketing, content writing, copywriting, content strategists, brand managers, data scientists, market analysts, and many more on the list.

According to a Goldman Sachs report, 

The digital marketing industry in India will be worth $160 billion by 2025, three times its current value. Which shows how promising the digital marketing career is in the future.

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Why to choose digital marketing as a career

Here are the following reasons for the powerful scope of a digital career in India:

  1. User-friendly

One of the most critical features digital marketing has acquired is its accessibility, as it has the most flexible strategies open to creativity and a relaxing amount of personalization.

  1. Affordable

It is more affordable than any other mode of marketing, be it printing or tele-advertising, because it does not require any machinery or additional costs.

  1. Strong influence

Digital marketing has enormous scope for influencing people due to its creativity and relevance to the target audience. The best example for this context can be the unignorable notification we often get, ‘zomato.’

  1. Enlarged view

Digital marketing is like water; any career can shape it, whether with social media, websites, creative writing, or copywriting. No field in digital marketing can be null.

  1. Profitability

Take any business on your list; no company will lack profit as the primary objective. And digital marketing has understood the assignment. It increases the yield and contributes to passive income generation through campaigns like pay-per-click or affiliate marketing.

  1. Interaction

It provides a standard and transparent platform for business-to-customer and vice-versa communication. This communication takes place through honest customer reviews and easily accessible surveys.

Jobs & Average Salary in a digital marketing career

Digital marketing, as its scope defines it, has significant potential to satisfy the workforce with its salary system. 

The average estimates for a few digital marketing jobs are given below:

  • Social media marketing- 3-7 lacs
  • Content marketing- 3-8 lacs
  • SEO- 3-6 lacs
  • SEM- 3-7 lacs
  • Email marketing- 3.5-7 lacs
  • Digital analyst- 3-5 lacs

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Demand for digital marketers in future

According to a global study, India ranked first in digital skills readiness. Almost 72% of respondents are learning digital skills and getting ready to work in future digital workspaces.

By 2040, the number of internet users nationwide is expected to grow by 1.5 billion. 

This shows that there is no doubt that there will be a crazy demand for skilled digital marketers. 

In fact, according to a LinkedIn report, digital marketing is among the top 10 most in-demand skills companies are looking for.

The scope of digital marketing in India is looking promising and is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Isn’t it a great deal to invest your knowledge in digital marketing and call it a good career option for you?

Let us make this more clear to you!

Don’t worry; we understand it takes time and a lot of answers to make peace with your many 


Here is a small questionnaire for you. If most or all of our questions make you nod your head, it means you have the potential to be the one who can enjoy the scope of digital marketing in India.

Here are the following questions:

Q. Are you capable of critical thinking?

Q. Are you capable of writing down what you observe?

Q. Are you capable of understanding your target audience and their intentions?

Q. Are you capable of doing your work consistently?

Q. Are you capable of performing intense and in-depth research?

So if you have these capabilities, it’s a potential YES for digital marketing to be your career.

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How can you start your digital marketing career in India?

When you are clear on the promises digital marketing firmly makes, you should know it’s a two-way deal. Just like us, digital marketing also demands two commitments.

  1. Always be keen to learn new things that come your way.
  2. To always complete implementation.

That means, to enter this field as your mainstream career, you have to get into the loop of ‘learn<action<learn.’

So, without leaving it vague here, below are some pointers to help you understand the crucial process:

  • Start taking a reliable course

The first step to kick-starting your career is finding a platform to learn digital marketing. It is the basis of your job. 

It should be noted that in-depth research about the availability of learning sources follows the wise selection of platforms to invest your time, money, and effort.

Check this out: SkillCamper’s Digital Communication course with Certificate 

  • Continuous practice

Once you start learning digital marketing, taking the smallest and easiest steps and elements is essential. 

And to understand all the elements, it is imperative to implement your learnings at a personal level first with robust ways like blogging, content creation on social media, website marketing, etc. Also, these can be beginner-friendly due to low or no investment and easy engagement, with the icing on the cake being your mentor’s support.

  • Interaction

Networking is hyped mainly compared to any of the steps, and honestly, promoting it is justified too. When you start networking with your field-mates and those who are equally passionate as you are, it can be beneficial for you. Networking attracts a lot of opportunities and infinite knowledge.

It is said, “Few people talk about other people; they are great at gossiping.

Few people talk about events; they could be better at planning.

& Those who talk about knowledge are great at NETWORKING.”

  • Be active on digital platforms.

Build a solid online presence on social media platforms and showcase your skills. Actively building your social media presence will help you learn different formats to grow, build an audience, find better ways of selling, have digital communication, and a lot more.

  • Call it a career

Now, when you have created the habit of the above loop, you can implement your knowledge and experience in the market and create monetization. You can do it through freelancing or working in a company.


After going through our blog and collecting all its facts and information, you may have understood the rising scope of digital marketing in India. From its advantages of accessibility to a broader market to easy interaction with customers, digital marketing is an excellent choice for your career. 

However, how wisely you choose a platform to learn this skill also plays an impactful role in your career in digital marketing.

In short, digital marketing, in return for its benefits, demands a few efforts and wise decisions from us, which should be fulfilled.

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