Optimize for Google Featured Snippet to Rank on top of Search Results

When someone has a question, the first thing they do is probably Google it. When you enter a search query into Google, the page that comes up is called the SERP or search engine results page.

What are Featured Snippets on Google? If someone types in a query and looks at the search results on Google, Google will sometimes provide them with a short answer, even before all the other website links. This concise answer is a featured snippet. A featured snippet is a highlight piece of content taken from a website and appears at the top of a Google SERP. It is a direct answer to the question asked by the viewer. Google displays it above the regular or organic search results, showing a selected and relevant section of a website. This featured snippet is the cherry on the cake. Getting your website featured as a snippet on Google means more visibility and higher click-through rates, leading to more traffic to your page. 

There are three main types of featured snippets that Google highlights in response to queries. Here they are: 

Paragraph Snippets 

A paragraph snippet displays the answer to the query in a few lines or a paragraph from the website content.

List Snippets

The list snippets may be bulleted or numbered lists. 

Table Snippets

This tabulated data set helps the viewer visualize comparisons between different items. 

Apart from these three main types of featured snippets on Google, there may also be YouTube videos highlighted in Position 0 of the SERP.  Explore more about Snippets here https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/appearance/featured-snippets?hl=en

Here are 6 ways to optimize your site pages to ensure they get the best chance of being captured as a Google featured snippet. 

1. Use keyword research tools. 

Research the top keywords for your domain and check which of them have featured snippets on the SERP. These should be your target keywords. A good keyword research tool will let you know the SERP features of the key phrases. 

2. Optimize your content long-tail keywords. 

Search queries that people type in are often more specific and detailed than a one or two-word phrase. For instance, ‘Domino’s menu’ is not as precise as ‘Domino’s US menu prices.’ The latter is a long-tail keyword. Try to target several high-volume, low-competition long-tail keywords on your webpage. 

3. Organize your content under question-like headings. 

You will notice that many SERP feature snippets are answers to questions. Use question-like headers in your content with H1, H2, and H3 tags as needed. This is captured by the search engines for the featured position. 

4. Create authoritative and succinct listicles. 

Since lists are one of the most typical types of featured snippets, listicles will help you out. Use numbered lists and bullet points as applicable. Use crisp and impactful sentences, and avoid overly detailing your list.

5. Keep your paragraph length short. 

If you look at the examples of the featured snippets shared above, you will see that the paragraph snippet usually consists of a 45-55 word extract. While Google does not define a particular word count for a snippet, consider that to be the optimum paragraph size for your posts.

6. There’s no room for grammar errors. 

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors are a big no-no! If you want to be featured on the 0 position of the Google SERP, ensure that your language is error-free, from the page title to the final CTA. Use a grammar and editing tool to keep your content clean and accurate.

Manage Overall SEO For A High Page Ranking 

Websites chosen by Google for the featured position are pages with a high SERP rank. A robust on-page SEO strategy is a must to improve your page ranking. It is impossible to guarantee featured snippets, as Google solely selects them. However, optimization and strategic content creation can give you an excellent chance to find yourself in the featured snippets of the SERP. So, get busy creating!

You can also check many types of listing Google allows. https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/appearance/overview

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