Top 10 Digital Marketing tools you should learn

A digital marketer always has a lot on its plate because of the increasing internet craze. That is why you need to have tools at your disposal that could help you rank higher on search engines apart from human resources.

A digital marketer always has a lot on its plate because of the increasing internet craze. That is why you need to have tools at your disposal that could help you rank higher on search engines apart from human resources. So here are the top 10 tools to learn in a digital marketing course, which help you on every step of digital marketing.

1. MailChimp-

It is a tool designed for social advertising, which does e-mail marketing a cakewalk. The simplistic approach and friendly design for amateurs make it even more popular. It is used to improve campaigns and track traffic generated. It offers-

● Detailed analytics

● Pre-built customizable e-mail automation

● Templates

● A/B testingSocial media plugins

It also reports-

● How many subscribers checked mail?

● Which links are clicked frequently?

● How many people unsubscribed?

● How is the organization’s performance in the industry?

The basic plan is free, and other paid plans vary from $10 to $199 per month.

2. Google Analytics-

Google Analytics is one of the best tools for digital marketing. It is free to use for anyone with a google account, although it has a premium feature for $15000 per annum. It is best for e-commerce reporting. The best part is that it has advanced analytic features, and it is standard for all websites because we all know google is the answer for everything today. It offers-

● Information about traffic

● Allows you to create metrics and a dashboard to access data.

● Real-time reports

● Information about pages explored

● Insights

To sum it up, google analytics provides in-depth and detailed information about every aspect of a company or page.

3.Google Ads-

Google ads are the most practical and economical tool in digital marketing. They work for any business or organization, are user-friendly, and the best part is that they give you a return on investment. If your strategies are correct, you will surely get way more in return than you invest in google ads.

Google ads allow you to target your audience according to your brand based on age, gender, occupation, location, etc. They enable access to beta testing provides massive reach, brand awareness, and measurement of success.

4.HubSpot Sales-

As the name suggests, it focuses on the sales process, although it can also be used for other things. Subscriptions vary from $200-$2400, billed annually. It offers tools like- CMS, CRM, e-mail marketing, social scheduling, SEO, ads, chat, analytics, etc. It is beneficial when you have a small team because you have almost every feature in this tool. Hence, you don’t need a large group. A unique feature offered here is that they provide inbound marketing, the ultimate goal for a digital marketer.

5.Yoast SEO-

It works as a plugin for WordPress but can be used for other things. It is one of the best and my personal favorite to increase traffic. It provides you with the best SEO analysis by analyzing headlines, keywords, content, etc. It also offers a readability score, meta description, targeted keywords, and density. It also checks the length of the paragraph and whether or not the keyword is present in the URL. It has various other most appropriate and valuable features for a blogger.


It is an SEO tool mainly used to check backlinks. The best thing about this tool is its huge data index. Apart from that-

● It analyses competitors

● Optimizes website

● Looks for appropriate websites for your content

● Helps in choosing topics according to trend

● Tracks rank

Its most unique feature is maintaining the world’s largest third-party database concerning search queries. It is one of the most powerful Digital marketing tool you will use. 


It is yet another fantastic SEO tool. It has got many awards for being the best SEO tool. It is best for-

● Content marketing

● Market research

● Advertising

● Social media

● Organic traffic

● Position tracking

It is free for seven days; later, you need to choose amongst offered plans.

8.Facebook Power Editor-

Facebook offers a free analytics tool that already provides a great deal of information. Still, a power editor is a more advanced way to manage numerous campaigns at a time. 

9. Survey Anyplace-

It is a new way to reach your target audience and retain them. It lets you create fun activities that engage your audience even more. Because it is something different from traditional advertising, it is beneficial. It lets you-

● Create questionnaires, assessments, etc.

● Helps in understanding market trends

● Surveys are appropriately designed, simple and understandable


Visuals to wonders. Canva is a fantastic tool for designing. It is a gift when social media comes into the picture. It allows you to create presentations, Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts and cover pictures, brochures, posters, logos, video, YouTube thumbnail, etc. Many templates and features are free, mostly enough, but they also give several paid features. Canva is one of the leading Digital Marketing tools you use. 

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