Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Content Writing Skills

Good content is gold. Content writing is not simply putting words onto a website or a blog. Creating stellar content involves careful deliberation, inspiration, and caring for the reader.


Good content is gold. Content writing is not simply putting words onto a website or a blog. Creating stellar content involves careful deliberation, inspiration, and caring for the reader. But with so much content on the web, how can you make your content shine from the rest? This post outlines 10 ways to improve your content writing skills.

1. Build a unique voice and style.

A fashion company catering to a GenZ audience would have a different writing style than a business targeting a millennial working-professionals audience. Some brands may mix the regional vernacular language into their content to seem relatable. These conscious choices add a touch of authenticity to the content.

2. Use reliable sources of information.

If there is one thing you want to avoid as a content creator, it’s spreading misinformation. Ensure that you use the advanced search and well-vetted courses so that the content you create is trustworthy. Remember that it is difficult to earn a reliable reputation and essential to keep it so.

3. Be particular about your spelling and grammar.

As a content creator, spell-check is your BFF, and apps like Grammarly can save the day. Make sure that you stay on the lookout for typos, missing punctuation, and other errors that the reader might feel is a turnoff. Half the writing battle is won right there with clean and accurate language.

4. Develop your niche.

Do you know what a niche is? It is a specialised focus on a topic or area. This means that you should try and find one topic that you would be considered the expert in and focus on creating many different posts and content pieces about that topic. Instead of only widening your scope, narrowly targeting particular expertise can increase your credibility as a writer.

5. Hook your reader in the first paragraph.

The mantra of newspaper writing is that the reader must know precisely what they will get at first glance. This is also true of content writing, probably even more than in the newspaper. This is because there is too much content out there. The first paragraph should be unique, engaging, and convey your style. Make it a point to tell a story or ask a question when opening a content piece so that you immediately set the reader’s mind to work.

6. Try out different formats.

The only way to improve your writing is practice, practice, practice. It is also essential to try out different formats to see what works best for your readers and what they want more of. You can write promotional content, explanatory posts, SEO-oriented posts, listicles and informational content, advice columns, thought leadership articles, etc.

7. Avoid large chunks of content.

This is incredibly important. Make small paragraphs, no more than 3-4 sentences each. Ensure that there is adequate spacing between the words, lines, and even the paragraphs. Don’t make your content text-heavy. Break up large chunks of text with videos, quotations, line-breaks, pictures, audios, etc. These steps ensure an engaging and smooth experience for the reader who wants to stay for more.

8. Interview and use quotations from experts.

To provide your readers with a well-rounded view on any topic, don’t restrict yourself to writing information or content from your research and sources. Likewise, invite guest bloggers, interview others such as industry experts or even young professionals in your field, and create more comprehensive content. Also, remember to use quotations in case actual interviews are not feasible.

9. Use a bit of humour.

A bit of humour goes a long way in connecting with the reader. Even when the content you write is about a serious topic, you need to take care not to bore your reader or bog them down with dumps of information. A joke, wordplay, or a pun can make a dull and challenging topic seem fun and exciting.

10. Use a clear and fantastic headline.

Last but certainly not least, spend some time brainstorming the perfect headline for your content. The headline is more important than you think. It cements the first impression. In fact, it is a huge deciding factor in whether the visitor even clicks on your post. Don’t use headlines that need content to understand – let them very clearly state what the writing is about. The heading should have less than 10 words, include a keyword or phrase, and have an emotional connection with the reader. A question works as a great headline!

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