Top 6 Helpful Stats On Instagram Stories

Stories can be used to engage more with your audience.Top 6 Helpful Stats On Instagram Stories which can help you to grow your brand rapidly.

1. 7 out of 10 Instagram users consume Instagram stories every day.

2. 50% of companies create Instagram stories, whereas 36% actively use Instagram stories as one of the channels for digital marketing.

3. Instagram stories are less engaging than posts. But because of the stories, users spend almost 30 extra minutes on the app on average.

4. Don’t sweat if you don’t post Stories daily! Brands put up an average of 2.5 IG stories every week. 60% of these Stories include hashtags, location features, tags, and more.

5. Favourite IG story ideas used by businesses include: countdowns, polls, emoji sliders, asking customers to ‘drop questions,’ and more.

6. For brands with under 100k followers, posting images is the way to get more reach on their Instagram stories.

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