What drives us (vision)

At SkillCamper we are committed to helping every person - learner and employee - walk on the path of their dreams. Every participant who signs up for our bootcamps goes through multiple interactions with our team. We work together to identify their strengths and core capabilities, which help define their professional goals. Because one of the first steps to become good at anything is to actually enjoy it. 
We are a lean but passionate team that is interested in quality outcomes. We don’t believe in overnight successes, becoming an expert in 3 days, or mastering anything for Rs. 699. There are no shortcuts to success, but there is method, practice and abundant possibility.  
We help our learners discover their possibilities, and to put them in action through our bootcamps. Success for us is when our students become confident and competent professionals who are good at what they do. That is why they get placed at salaries that are 100% higher than their peers in the same fields. 
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Timeline of events

GoSeeko, the first brand launched by Glossaread Technologies, launched in late 2018 with the mission to make higher education accessible and convenient across Tier 2-4 cities and towns in India. It provided high-quality, university compliant study material to college students across Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and Maharashtra. 


GoSeeko was three years old and scaling steadily. The founders then explored the next big challenge - to enable college students with employable skills. 

January 2021

Online sessions about UI/UX, product design and marketing got good traction from college students in their final year

October 2021

Testing formats of online learning, test prep

March 2022

The bootcamp format came into being, through research across various pedagogies, students and hiring managers at organizations

July 2022

First bootcamp on Digital Marketing was launched

August - September 2022

Bootcamps in three high-demand areas - digital marketing, data analytics - started with the first cohort of recruited students. 

February 2023

Bootcamps ended in Feb, with soft skills training, resume guidance and mock interviews.

April 2023

Placements for the pilot batch concluded 

Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Sonam Choudhary
Sonam has 12+ years of experience across technology, consulting and education. She is passionate about solving problems using technology, particularly in education. She believes in impact at scale.
Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi
17 years of Corporate Experience (P&L Functions) CEO, Big Data Start-up Ex- Yahoo, STAR TV, TOI
Bheeshma Tanna
Head of Technology and Product
Welingkar Institute of Management, 10 years of experience, Ex-Tata Teleservices, Loyalty Rewardz

Our Values 

Mastery, the pursuit of excellence

We embody excellence in everything we do. We won’t stop till every student who learns with us becomes good at their jobs, and till each of our learners is successfully placed.

Collaboration & Communication

We believe that success is the result of a high functioning team, much like the bees in a hive.At work and in our classes, our goal is to create the best environment, for performance and for learning. Just like diversity is essential to nature, multiple points of view will strengthen

Impact first 

We measure our success through the business impact our alumni have in their organizations. We don’t compromise on quality, even if it means that scale comes secondary

Honesty & Transparency

We take our promises and commitments seriously. We only say what we do and we will do what we say. For us, it’s not a tagline, it’s our ethos.