Build an all-stars Data Science and Analytics team for your Banking & Financial Services!

A Bespoke Solution crafted specially for your business
A comprehensive “Training Needs Analysis” for your teams
Customized training designed for employees at all levels
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A Bespoke Solution for every Banking & Financial Services

Our bespoke solutions are designed for corporates after undertaking a thorough “training needs analysis” of employees at various levels.
We also measure and define the maturity of the business teams to leverage data-driven decisions.

Bespoke domain mastery course

built for new hires and under-performing employees

Business refresher module

built for business leaders to acquaint them with the knowledge of levaraing data for their business growth

Why Us

Job Role Analysis
Skill & Knowledge Mapping
Business KRA Mapping
Result Oriented Outcomes
Online Courses
Number of users
Total credit limit
Self Paced pre-recorded
Individual user analytics
Traditional Trainers
Number of users
Total credit limit
In-person theoretical
Individual user analytics
Behaviour analytics
Daily reports

Why SkillCamper

Bespoke use-case based curriculum
Hybrid hands-on bootcamp
Jobe-role analysis
Skill & knowledge mapping
Business KRA mapping
Result oriented outcomes

Domain focused Analytics Training

Core Business Module

Fraud detection and prevention
Credit risk modelling for flexiloan
Loan default prediction

Marketing Module

Marketing analytics across the customer lifecycle
Data driven customer experience enhancement
Uspelling & cross-selling
Royalty and retention using data

Sales Module

Channel analytics & optimization for data-driven marketing
Data driven customer acquisition

Data Architecture Module

Building a modern data pipeline
Data governance