Why have Mastery on Domain Knowledge?

What divides a good candidate from great candidate? We asked this to leaders across different sectors and unanimously got the same answer - Gap in domain knowledge
“Most have good technical skills, what they lack is domain expertise which is critical in sectors like BFSI especially around ‘RISK’. This domain understanding and expertise is what separates great from good. And they are rare”  - AVP HR of a leading Fintech Firm
BFSI & Fintech has one of the highest demands for data scientist and there are only limited set of great Individuals in the market. There is a demand and there is a gap.
Don’t you want to fill that gap now and be the blue eyed boy/girl of tomorrow?
Skillcamper’s experience mastery course on Data Science for BFSI & FinTech is a vertically integrated course created by domain experts of BFSI sector. This is created to guarantee you success in your career growth and/or get a new job in this niche with ease.
Mentored by Industry experts, our promise is to help you gain 6-month of on-the-job learning in 12-weeks. That is 200% optimisation of your time and learning.  

Course Impact

Knowledge Impact

Domain Expertise on problems that are critical in BFSI & FinTech
Technical expertise on key concepts and skills of Data Science
Mentorship on problem solving from Industry expert

Career Impact

Prepare you to crack job interviews in Data Science roles in BFSI & Fintech firms and startups
Enables you to move internally in your organization from business/data analyst role to data sciences role
Will make you more skilled to do your job in analytics and optimize your output
In case you are new jobber, this will set you up to start delivering from Day 1 and ensure you become top performer in your team in the first year of joining

Who will benefit from this course

Business Analysts trying to shift into Data Science role
Data Scientists looking to break into BFSI and Fintech sector
Data & Business Analysts in BFSI or FinTech who wants to improve their performance in their existing roles and turn high-performer
Data Science enthusiasts who wants to kick start their career on high