SEO Salaries in India As per Job Roles & Qualifications

The term SEO (search engine optimization) is the tool, honestly, the generation of digital marketers should be thankful for.
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October 13, 2023

“This is the era of less is more with SEO”, said Adam Audette. But are SEO salaries in India as upbeat as SEO itself?          

Anyone will agree that digital marketing has emerged as a career with great career opportunities, and SEO is one of them.

The term SEO (search engine optimization) is the tool, honestly, the generation of digital marketers should be thankful for. If we use it in the way it is intended to be used, SEO can be the most valuable and output-generating asset for the whole organization. Search engine optimization is a tool that takes the responsibility to create effective interaction between the content created and the target audience, which is done keeping in mind the ‘ranks in Google’. In short, it optimizes the search engine platforms so that its content can meet its worthiness.

Although SEO is one of the best careers to pursue, many of us still hesitate to consider it. So here we have come up with this article to resolve your doubts and to provide a base for your final decision.

SEO salaries in India in different areas

With the increasing scope of digital marketing, the area of SEO has also increased (is increasing) and has created a subtle amount of demand for human resources. Hence, to be the opportunist and to avail a perfect opportunity, this can be the perfect timing.

Following are some areas SEO roles with their salary prospects:

SEO Trainee

          SEO trainee is an option that demands basic and ground-level knowledge about SEO. However, it is fully supervised by the SEO executives but still, it can be a great choice to explore the niche and gain experience.

Key roles as an SEO trainee:

  • To build relevant links for the website.
  • To perform keyword research
  • Effectively tracking the SEO metrics

Expected salary- 96000/- to 140000/-

SEO Trainer

SEO trainer functions as a guide to SEO trainees and tells them how to effectively perform their work. They play a main role in increasing trainees’ experience in their workspace.

Key roles as an SEO trainer:

  • Providing training to the trainees.
  • Resolve their doubts.
  • Deliver life as well as physical lectures with concerned content.
  • Providing the trainee with consistent practice.

Expected salary- 6,00,000/- to 850000/-

SEO Analyst

SEO analyst is now a bigger and more experienced level of position in a career related to SEO

The SEO analyst has roles and responsibilities:

  • Performing keyword research for the website.
  • Effective analysis of competitive conditions.
  • exploring the behaviour and impressions of the audience of the website.
  • ensuring that the consent is SEO-friendly and has the potential to get ranked in Google.
  • Providing necessary strategies and related recommendations.

            Expected salary- 240000/- to 324000/-

SEO Strategist

The main function of an SEO strategist is to remove any scope of mistakes by creating plans for improvisation with a proper and in-depth process of content analysis and review. The main goal of the SEO strategist is ‘website optimisation’. SEO Strategist's salary in India is also higher than other SEO roles.

However, passively, he has to also take care of some responsibilities, like:

  • Tackling targets with better strategies.
  • Continuous reporting about the performance of running campaigns to SEO leads.
  • Ensuring engaging traffic and high conversion rates from websites.

   Expected salary- 3,00,000/- to 3,60,000/-

SEO Consultant

From effective website optimization to link building and web marketing, it has a wide scope to dive into SEO. 

Although they are not employees of the company, they perform client work as they are the third-part that works on a contract basis. The SEO salaries in India given below also vary based on experience and knowledge.

The key roles of an SEO consultant are:

  • Preparation of reports continuously and later sharing them with officials.
  • Collaborate with web designers and writers to meet the need for expected traffic generation.
  • Effective execution of plans and strategies.
  • Taking care of public relations.

Expected salary- 330000/- to 600000/-

SEO Manager

As the name defines, the SEO manager functions to coordinate the website and SEO execution. It also focuses on proper reconciliation between SEO and SEM (search engine marketing).

Hence, an SEO manager has the responsibility to make sure of the quality of content and recheck the techniques applied.

Following are some roles and responsibilities that a manager has to follow:

  • Making sure effective communication in the team.
  • Continuous tracking of KPIs (key performance indicators).
  • Filling the content gap, if any.
  • Supervised and guidance to the team during the whole process.

                 Expected salary- 360000/- to 540000/-

5 factors that Determine SEO Salaries in India

“Today‘s generation is prioritizing quality and knowledge defeating the stereotypes of position and biases”

The designation is not only the factor that can determine the level of salary you get. Many more factors can describe your potential outside of any limit like the designation you have applied for or been invited for. 

Few factors like experience, a skill acquired, expertise, educational background, geographical position, etc. These factors are described below in detail:

Work experience

One of the most important factors to determining the salary standard is the background of our practical application in the SEO industry. That means the experience of our work, or we can say companies we have worked in.

However, for the third-party contractor or freelancer, testimonials and feedback are taken into consideration.

How Expertise Impact SEO Salaries in India

Even without any prior experience, your expertise, i.e. your knowledge about SEO can hit the right nail and compel HR to reset your salary standard. For this, you must make sure that you are up-to-date with all the technological updates and increase your adaptability potential. Expertise, explicitly, generates the trust of the interviewer and can reflect your potential of solving problems.

Skills acquired

“This generation will check your skills before your percentile in college.”

Minding the business of generating quality human resources is the foremost vision of any company. Hence, skills can have a wider impact on any organization. Skills like communication, leadership, technical know-how, or active listening are the most demanded ones. You can also add your interpersonal skills. However, you should make sure that you are honest with it and not overcommitting to your potential. With right set of skills you can certainly land a higher package than average SEO salaries in India.

Can Education background affect SEO Salaries in India?

Although it has a lesser impact as compared to any other factors. But still, it matters as it can indicate how you have consumed SEO knowledge. You can also include certifications of participation and attendance at professional seminars. This can have a better impact on the company.

Geographical position

The geographical position of the company you are applying for is also one of the major factors on which salary standards are highly dependent. According to a survey, cities like Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Pune are setting great standards for satisfying the monetary expectations of SEO professionals.

So, the following were the major 5 factors that can have a great impact on the company and can increase salary limits.

What skills would you need to boost your SEO Salaries in India?


However, it is hard to measure this skill, but for a technical career like SEO, it is very important to practice it until this skill becomes your habit. Only best SEO courses in the industry provide hands-on training in today's times. Critical thinking is a very important skill as it indicates our problem-solving skills and capability of accurate research.

Generally, critical thinkers must answer the following questions:

• What happened?

• Why did it happen?

• What can we do?


“No matter how many techniques we use, no technology can replace ‘quality’ from its priority list.”

An SEO professional is defined due to his potential of creating content that is too traffic-friendly. He also must make sure that the right form of content is targeted to the interested audience. As the content can be in written or audible form. 

Hence, to generate valuable content, an SEO professional must have the capability to showcase the right information to the right audience.

He should also have the ability to analyze the demand and the form of content that should be released. Hence, it is important to have speaking and writing skills to generate valuable content.


Although, many SEO professionals have kickstarted their careers and are doing well without in-depth knowledge of technical and programming skills.

But that does not give you scope to ignore it, but one should take it as a responsibility to have worth-executing programming and technical knowledge. One of the major reasons behind this statement is the increasing importance of artificial intelligence and technology dependence.


“The only skill that cannot be replaced with AI.”

Few professionals have considered it as an inborn quality and cannot be developed through any course whereas most of the aspirants have developed this skill through training sessions, and consistent practising and have proven this traditional concept wrong.

This skill is important due to interacting with people having higher knowledge of SEO or collaborating with any other party for work purposes. Hence, it is a necessary skill not only for SEO but for every company, be it digital or not.


“SEO is not like a 9 to 5 job, it never ends.”

The expectations of the audience while preparing content are a deadline for SEO professionals. During a survey regarding SEO, 35% of the SEO aspirants find the continuous change in search engine algorithms most difficult to figure out and implement.

Hence, adaptability to handle change and eliminating the resistance to face challenges is a crucial part of the career.

Sometimes, SEO can demand a lot of revisions, bit size improvisations, a lot of analytical thinking and later coordinating with the whole team. Hence being motivated, more than a quality, is a demanded skill in this field.

Why SEO is a great choice for your career?

“Wealth is the only focus of today’s generation of aspirants.”

And hence, overrated concepts i.e., salary standards are often discussed and taken under consideration before choosing a career. However, it is not wrong, but focusing only on this element can sometimes lead in the wrong direction too.

Hence, we at SkillCamper, understand the importance of true wealth, i.e.- quality choice, security, allowance to showcase creativity and freedom of action. Below are some pointers, to ensure that you are on the right track:

• SEO is the base of successful digital marketing. So, its demand can never decrease.

• It is accessible to all no matter of education qualification, financial background, or any other factor you may have doubts about. The only thing it demands is knowledge about SEO.

• You do not have to get up early with those irritating alarms in fear of your boss, instead, here you can enjoy flexible timings and work from home 

• SEO develops your career in all aspects. In short, once you rise, there is no downfall.

• It is not bound to your single and one-on-only income, but it also opens the door for freelancing.

• Along with not-so-high eligibility criteria, it also has no scope for replacement or substitution.

We are sure, till now you would have understood how SEO can be a relevant and promising career opportunity. However, it is very important to take your own time after researching and think wisely before opting for any career option.

Wrapping up!

Digital marketing has gotten faster in the post-covid era, as it gave birth to the virtual world. And with this growing industry, many opportunities have also appeared, like SEO.

SEO is one of the most important segments of Content Marketing as well with a promising career. Do you want to know what interviewers question in a fresher SEO Analyst interview? We have covered all range of range with the answers here.

“SEO can be the best choice as a career, but only when the aspirant has a mutual interest in the field that it demands. ”

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